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Kentucky Statewide EPSCoR Committee



The Kentucky Statewide EPSCoR Committee (Statewide Committee) is the governing body of the Kentucky Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research Program (KY EPSCoR).


The mission of KY EPSCoR is to enhance the research and innovation capacity of the Commonwealth’s higher education institutions by coordinating and funding strategic investments in human capital and physical infrastructures necessary for Kentucky to excel in federal R&D funding competitiveness. 

To accomplish its purpose, the Statewide Committee shall:

  • Provide oversight and guidance to KY EPSCoR consistent with the objectives of federal EPSCoR/EPSCoR-like programs and the Commonwealth’s science and innovation goals as expressed in the State’s Science and Innovation Strategy and other recognized strategic planning documents,
  • Establish operational policies and procedures for KY EPSCoR,
  • Catalyze research collaborations among higher education institutions, industry, and government,
  • Promote development of human resources in STEM fields,
  • Create, evaluate, and update a strategic plan for guiding KY EPSCoR activities,
  • Track investment outcomes and communicate impact of KY EPSCoR activities,
  • Seek financial support from federal and state funding sources,
  • Promote an innovative culture for the Commonwealth, and
  • Champion science based economic development.


Statewide Committee membership shall be composed of up to twenty-three voting members divided between three membership categories: University Administrators, Senior Faculty/ Researchers, and Public/Private Representatives. Ex-officio members with voting rights are the vice-presidents for research at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, and the Executive Director. 

  1. Terms – membership shall be for a 3 year term staggered so that approximately 1/3rd of the memberships will expire in any givenNon ex-officio Committee members may be re-elected to multiple terms, but must be re-nominated and elected at the end of each term.

  2. Selection Process – a three member nominating subcommittee will be established each year by the Statewide Committee to review memberships and nominate individuals for expiring or vacantThe nominees shall be submitted to the Statewide Committee for review and approval.

  3. Removal – A member may be removed from membership by a majority vote of the Statewide Committee.


  1. Chair – the leadership position of the Statewide Committee, elected by the Statewide Committee for a 3 year term, shall conduct Statewide Committee meetings and collaborate with the Executive Director to accomplish the purposes of the Statewide Committee.

  2. Executive Director – the officer selected by the Statewide Committee and hired by the Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation to execute programmatic activities and policies of KY EPSCoR.

  3. Executive Committee – comprised of the Chair, ex-officio and two elected members chosen by the Statewide Committee to represent the Statewide Committee, as needed, when constraints exist to calling a timely meeting of the Statewide Committee.

  4. Agency Subcommittee – Subcommittees established to interface with specific federal agency EPSCoR/EPSCoR-like programs and to advise SubcommitteeMembers of a Subcommittee are nominated by the Subcommittee Chair and approved by the Statewide Committee.  A minimum of two members of the Statewide Committee must serve on each Subcommittee.

  5. Subcommittee Chair – the leadership position of an agency subcommittee who has primary responsibility to pursue specific agency funding solicitations, execute agency awards, and advise the StatewideEach Subcommittee Chair is selected by Statewide Committee and is a non-voting attendee at Statewide Committee meetings.


In person meetings will be held approximately twice per year to conduct regular business, and special meetings may be conducted at other times by teleconference or email.  The Executive Director, or Chair, will notify members of the need for a meeting and will schedule the meeting to best accommodate attendance of Statewide Committee membership.  

  1. Quorum – a quorum is required for all official business of the Statewide Committee, or the ExecutiveA quorum is achieved when a majority of the current membership, or their proxies, is present in person, or by an electronic medium.

  2. Proxy – Statewide Committee members may be represented by a proxy who is able to vote on business before the committee, provided that the Executive Director is notified concerning the proxy in advance of theTo ensure compliance with bylaws and policies, the proxy must be approved by both the Chair and the Executive Director.

  3. Minutes – Written minutes will be recorded for each Statewide Committee meeting summarizing major discussion items.

  4. Notice – Meeting notices should be released three or more weeks in advance of the meeting to best accommodate memberHowever, there may be events that necessitate a shorter advance notice of the need to meet and/or a scheduled meeting date.

  5. Actions – Official decisions made by the Statewide Committee require a majority vote of the members, or their proxies, present either in person or by an electronic medium.

  6. Executive Sessions - Attending members may elect by majority vote to have a closed session of a Statewide Committee meeting with only members present to discuss sensitiveMembers may be excluded where conflict of interest issues exist.  


The Statewide Committee may establish written policies, from time to time, to guide the operation of KY EPSCoR and provide procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements and regulations.  Such policies will become appendices to the bylaws when approved by the Statewide Committee by a majority vote of the members, or their proxies, present either in person or by an electronic medium.


Changes to the bylaws can be accomplished by a two-thirds vote of the members, or their proxies, present either in person or by an electronic medium.  Proposed changes to the bylaws must be provided in writing to Statewide Committee members at least one week in advance of any vote to amend.

Approved 9-10-14

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