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Kentucky Statewide EPSCoR Program

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Kentucky Statewide EPSCoR Program has established 1) a Statewide Committee for purposes of providing program governance and 2) multiple subcommittees which advise the Statewide Committee on specific proposal responses to federal agencies having EPSCoR or EPSCoR-type programs. Senior researchers and senior institutional research administrators from Kentucky’s academic institutions and representatives from the public/private sector are sought to fill membership positions on these committees. Individuals serving on these committees fulfill highly important roles crucial to the success of the Kentucky Statewide EPSCoR Program.

 To avoid potential conflicts of interest (COI), all members are required to adhere to the following COI policies:

Statewide Committee members and members of the program subcommittee may participate in proposals that come before the Statewide EPSCoR Committee only if such participation does not conflict with funding agency policies and the member: 

a. informs the KY EPSCoR Statewide Program Director by letter or by email of their intention to participate in a proposal for a state or federal EPSCoR type award, 

b. commits to act in the best interests of the Statewide Kentucky EPSCoR Program and avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, 

c. excuses himself or herself from attending any committee or subcommittee discussions when information is discussed that could prejudice their proposal for the subject award, and 

d. abstains from voting or influencing the voting during the review or approval process for any award to which they have applied. 

Notwithstanding the above, program subcommittees may stipulate, such as is the policy of the KY NSF EPSCoR Subcommittee, that their subcommittee members cannot participate as members of any grant proposal (excepting the subcommittee chair may serve as PD) under the purview of said subcommittee. 

Furthermore, in order to avoid conflicts of interests in project governance and leadership, EPSCoR award PDs, PIs, and co-PIs cannot serve as voting members or Chair of the Statewide Committee, nor may they serve on the EPSCoR steering committees of other jurisdictions.

Approved 1-31-08
Revision Approved 9-10-14

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