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KY EPSCoR Committee

The Kentucky Statewide EPSCoR Committee operates as a quasi-independent committee of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC).  Its purpose is (1) to stimulate and enhance competitive research, (2) to stimulate and effect systemic and sustainable improvement in the capacities of the State’s universities and colleges to compete successfully for research and development funds on a national basis, and (3) to stimulate complementary cooperative efforts in education and human research development to ensure growth and support of science, technology engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research and training.

The Statewide EPSCoR Committee, subject to the concurrence of KSTC, has the authority to (1) hire and coordinate central EPSCoR office project staff including the Statewide Director and Assistants as employees of KSTC, (2) establish and administer policies, criteria and procedures to implement EPSCoR programs as necessary to ensure that program goals and objectives are met, (3) appoint members and elect leadership of the Statewide EPSCoR Committee and the subcommittees for each agency EPSCoR program, (4) monitor the progress of EPSCoR programs and approve changes in scope and direction, and (5) determine the allocation of state matching funds for EPSCoR programs.

The Statewide EPSCoR Committee is composed of twenty-two members with statewide representation. Members shall include university administrators, faculty researchers, and private/public representatives, as well as a chair and the Director of the KY EPSCoR Program. Committee members (with the exception of the VP's of research at UK & UofL and the KY EPSCoR Director whose terms coincide with their stay in office) shall be appointed for three-year terms. Terms commence on January 1. The terms may be renewed subject to approval of the Statewide EPSCoR Committee.

A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Statewide EPSCoR Committee to solicit nominations from higher education institutions and the public and private sector and to recommend membership on the Statewide EPSCoR Committee. The university administrators shall have experience related to the area of basic science and engineering supported by federal agency EPSCoR programs. The faculty members shall have well established records of external funding in the area of basic science and engineering supported by federal agency EPSCoR programs. The private/public sector representatives shall have backgrounds in science and/or engineering. All members of the Statewide EPSCoR Committee shall be expected to have an understanding of current science policy and related areas.

The Statewide EPSCoR Committee may appoint an Executive Committee composed of five members consisting of the Chairman, and four other members. In which case, two alternates shall be appointed to serve in the absence of appointed members. The Statewide EPSCoR Program Director shall serve ex-officio. In case of a vacancy in the Executive Committee, the same shall be filled by the Statewide EPSCoR Committee at any meeting. The Executive Committee shall be elected by the Full Committee. When the Full Committee is not in session, the Executive Committee may meet as needed and exercise all the powers of the Full Committee and report actions to the Full Committee.

The Statewide EPSCoR Committee normally meets two times a year. The Committee may be called into session by the Chairman at other times, if the need arises.

Relationship to Subcommittees

The Statewide EPSCoR Committee approves agency EPSCoR subcommittee membership based upon a diverse representation of individuals whose credentials best support the mission of the agency EPSCoR program.  Representation will favor those institutions that have a pronounced research mission as evidenced by research commitments, a funding track record, alignment with the Commonwealth’s vision for science and technology, and the ability to participate in execution of the vision.  Individual nominees should have experience in the respective EPSCoR agency research area and have the recommendation of the Subcommittee Chair. Subcommittees shall consist of seven to twelve members, including two members from the Statewide Committee, who have experience in research and proposal preparation.

Operational Procedures

Statewide Committee members and members of the program subcommittees are limited in their ability to participate in EPSCoR proposals. Moreover, the KY EPSCoR’s Conflict of Interest Policy restricts their ability to participate in Subcommittee discussions and decisions related to proposals in which they are affiliated, and reserves the right of the Subcommittees to determine whether members may participate at all in EPSCoR agency proposal submissions.

The Statewide EPSCoR Committee shall approve KY EPSCoR subcommittees’ operational procedures (e.g. procedures for solicitation, collection, and review of proposals, allocation of funds, etc.). Subcommittees shall report annually to the Statewide EPSCoR Committee through their Chairs and at other times upon request.