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 ink bicycle    2013 Kentucky EPSCoR Annual Conference

Universities as Engines
of Innovation

Thursday, October 17, 2013
University of Louisville, Shelby Campus, Louisville, KY

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Conference Presentations

  Session Title Presentations Presenters


Video: KY EPSCoR -a driving force for science based economic development  (3:00)

  8:15 - 8:30

Welcome and
opening remarks:

Slides:  KY EPSCoR Program Impacts

Rick Kurzynske, Dir., KY EPSCoR
Nancy Martin, Chair, KY EPSCoR
Bill PierceEx.VP of Research, UofL
  8:30 - 9:15

Updates: KY Research Activities & Directions 


Slides:  UofL Research

Slides:   NSF EPSCoR

Slides:   NASA KY


Bill Pierce, Ex.VP of Research, UofL
Rodney   Andrews
, Dir., KY NSF EPSCoR & 
Suzanne Smith
, Dir., NASA KY 

 9:15 - 10:00 Forces Shaping the 21st Century University Slides Buck Goldstein, Professor of the Practice and University Entrepreneur in Residence, University of North Carolina
10:45 - 11:15

EPSCoR/IDeA: A View from Washington


Leslee Gilbert, Van Scoyoc Associates

11:15 - 12:00

Kentucky's Experience from an I-Corps Award 

Video: University of Michigan I-Corps (2:53)

Dan O'Hair and Derek LaneUK Deans and I-Corp Awardees



Video:  Aquabots  (4:19)  

Girls STEM Collaborative

12:00 -  1:15


Kentucky’s New K-12 Science Standards



Sean Elkins, Science Instructional Specialist, Kentucky Department of Education
 1:15  -  2:15

3 for 3 video & 6 for 5 research presentations
(Selected from top abstracts submitted):


Videos Selected for Presentation at the Conference

Video 1:  

Genetic susceptibility to PCB-induced developmental neurotoxicity

 Abstract # 14

Video (4:15)

University:  NKU
PI:  Christine Curran
Post-doc:  Smitha Infante

Anna Lang,
Amy Ashworth,
Melinda Stegman,
Kelsey Taylor,
Breann Hays,
Helen Garber

Video 2:  

Supporting extended space travel through basic research on membrane proteins

 Abstract # 18

Video (3:00)

Funding:  NASA/NSF
University:  UK
PI:  Yinan Wei
Graduate students:  

Cui Ye
ravis Combs 

Video 3:  

Rapid electrokinetic patterning and sorting of colloids

 Abstract # 34

Video (3:00)

Funding:  NASA/NSF
University: UK
PI: Stuart Williams 


 Abstracts Selected for Presentation at the Conference

Agriculture and Bioscience      

Cytokines: Recombinant Expression, Purification, and Evaluation of Secretion Mechanism

Abstract # 5 


Steve Hume
Graduate Student
Funding:      NIH/ KY INBRE


Environmental Sensor Network for Watershed Monitoring

 Abstract # 8 


Robert Stewart
Research Associate
University   UK
Funding:      NIH/ KY INBRE


Organic semiconductors to capture waste heat and convert into electrical energy from the human body


Abstract # 13



Jeremiah Sharpensteen, Undergraduate Student

University:  WKU
Funding:      NSF


Human Health and Personalized Medicine

Macrophage In Situ Proliferation By Intracellular Atp Delivery Promotes Faster Wound Healing


Abstract # 21



Harshini Sarojini,
Research Associate
University   UofL
Funding:      NIH


Material Science and Advanced Manufacturing

Direct Observation of Solid State Li-ion Nanobattery Cycling

Abstract # 26


Beth Guiton
Assistant Professor
University:  UK, ORNL
Funding:    DOE / NASA

Space Science - Aerospace Engineering

Improving Heat Shields for Atmospheric Entry

 Abstract # 47



Alexandre Martin
Assistant Professor
University:  UK
Funding:    NASA

 2:45  -  5:00

  Parallel Breakouts 


Workshop A:    Agenda

Grant writing strategies: 
Progressing from an idea to funding.




Presented by Craig Rush, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research, UK

Workshop B:     Agenda

Channeling research for economic impact       

Mary Tapolsky - slides

Taunya Walker - slides

Eric Castlen - slides

Joan Simunic - slides

Tendai Charasika - slides

Organized by Mary Tapolsky,  Director, Technology Commercialization and Program Administration, Nucleus

Workshop C:     Agenda

A cinematic arts approach to communicating research
Developing alternate ways of telling the story of science.

Michael Dougan - slides

Charley Pallos - slides
Organized by The Media Collaboratory

Program & Abstracts

Click here or the image below to view the conference program.

2013 Conf Program cover
Contents include:

  • Agendas (pg 1)
  • Speaker Bios (pg 5)
  • List of Videos & Posters (pg 15)
  • Full Abstracts (pg 18)
    *with correct funding citations*
  • List of Attendees (pg 55)