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National Laboratory Initiative (NLI)

National Laboratory Inititative (NLI)

Grants Available:  (May 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)

KY EPSCoR has seed funding grants to stimulate major research initiatives, improve collaboration among researchers and foster relationship development with research sponsors . See the table below for a description and eligibility requirements for the currently available NLI grants.

Grant Types Purpose Period Max Amounts Cash Matching (KYEP:Univ.) Eligibility Award Requirement
 1. National Laboratory Initiative  NLI Travel funds to develop relationships with national laboratories & research centers  up to 1 year

 $1,500 for a visit

$5,000 for residence up to 12 months

 None Required Faculty members or researchers from any of KY's colleges or universities Pursue federal funding


Application instructions:  Click here to apply