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NASA KY Program


NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium and EPSCoR Programs
have goals to enhance capacity through strategic investments focused on NASA-priority research areas and competitiveness for non-EPSCoR NASA funding. A key factor in achieving these goals is initiation of relationships between Kentucky’s and NASA’s researchers that develop into partnerships. Every aspect of the proposed portfolio emphasizes the process of relationship-building.

NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium: The NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium is a NASA Higher Education program supporting student fellowships/scholarships, research initiation and workforce development in STEM areas of interest to NASA and Kentucky. Space Grant also promotes networking and cooperation among education, industry, and local, state and federal government. The recruitment and training of US Citizens, especially women, underrepresented minorities and persons with disabilities, for careers in aerospace science and technology is a national priority. Space Grant Consortium Programs support faculty, students and outreach through Graduate Fellowship (GF), Undergraduate Scholarship (US), Team Project (TP), Research Initiation, (RIA), Course Development/Revision (CDR), and Mini-Grant (MG) awards.

NASA Kentucky EPSCoR: The NASA Kentucky EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) Programs strengthen research capability in the state in areas of importance to NASA and Kentucky by promoting development of research infrastructure, improving capabilities to gain support outside of EPSCoR and developing partnerships with NASA. NASA Kentucky EPSCoR Programs support faculty research development via Research Infrastructure Development Grants (RIDG) and Workshop/Conference/Seminar (WCS) awards.


    • conduct research in areas strategically important to NASA
    • competitively win NASA funding from other (non-EPSCoR) sources
    • develop NASA Partnerships
    • develop science, technology and economic capacity (examples: research proposals, Seminar Series and Workshops)
    • coordinate with and compliment the NASA Kentucky Space Grant programs EPSCoR RIDG funding is designed as an intermediate step between a Space Grant (RIA) Research Initiation Award (single PI establishing a NASA partnership) and eligibility for the national EPSCoR Research Area Award (research team with well-developed multiple NASA partnerships)
    • establish initial connections with NASA and develop interdisciplinary research teams