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2012 Kentucky Science & Innovation Strategy

The Kentucky Science and Innovation Strategy (state S&T plan) identifies areas of high importance to the state’s academic research and development (R&D) enterprise (energy &environmental research, agriculture and biosciences, advanced manufacturing, etc.) The EPSCoR governing board will use the roadmap established in this document to guide future EPSCoR programs and proposals to ensure they align with complementary S&T state programs—for example, a Governor’s Entrepreneur’s Program and the Kentucky Advance Program for increasing STEM degrees.  


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The National Academy of Sciences Report on the Effectiveness of the EPSCoR Programs

The primary federal programs designed to ensure that all states are capable of participating the nation's research enterprise fall under the general rubric of the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCOR). Since 1979, the EPSCOR program has grown from funding programs in five states to 31 states in 2012. This report makes recommendations for improvement for each agency to create a more focused program with greater impact.  

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Cyberinfrastructure in Kentucky: A Framework for Strategic Planning

At the request of the National Science Foundation, the Kentucky Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research has conducted a strategic planning exercise to support the development of cyberinfrastructure in Kentucky.  This report is the result of input by a multi‐institutional steering committee and a workshop in which several different sectors of Kentucky society participated.  And covers the current state of cyberinfrastructure in the Commonwealth, and makes recommendations for augmenting it in the future.  These recommendations are to be aligned with the future needs of Kentucky, such as energy production and consumption, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of health services, improving resources to carry out research and providing better education, and promoting economic development.

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EPSCoR 2030: A Report to the National Science Foundation 

April 2012

Prepared by Paul Hill, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator: NSF Award # EPS-1155975


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Intelligent Energy Choices for Kentucky's Future

In a carbon constrained world, the interdependencies among energy, the environment and the economy will lead to broad sweeping economic transformations in the 21st century. To find solutions that address climate challenges, use our abundant natural resources to gain energy security, and provide the power needed to drive our economy will require pursuit of a diversified mix of energy options.

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KY NSF EPSCoR Strategic Plan: Transforming Kentucky's New Economy

Our KY NSF EPSCoR strategic plan was completely reworked following the release of the NSF EPSCoR’s Strategic Plan Guidance document in February. Of note, in partnership with our research initiatives we established 76 action items that identify metrics and a timeline for completion of each action. The actions serve our program goals and we’ve embedded updates on each of these actions within their appropriate sections of this annual report (e.g., Sustainability and Outputs, External Engagement, Cyberinfrastructure, etc.)